16.000m² of technology

our knowledge into your pieces
Production means assuring quality and service consistency. Our processes therefore foresee concise cycles before, during and after the production cycle. The traceability of the lots, the checking protocols, the definition of the functional production lots are an integral part of our way of working. Also the design of the processes includes the implementation of complete checking devices and immediate interception in case of anomalies.
small pieces, great quality
Constant Production checking through the monitoring of the total quality of the entire process. The search for innovative solutions, that sometimes implies the integration of complementary technologies (plastic printing, laser marking, turning, to name some examples). VIRMA is able to provide types of ribbon, materials, wire of various types, offering personalised solutions, created in co-design with the Clients, that optimise the performance with maximum regard to value and utilization of the productive characteristics of the machinery.
Complex solutions
Through time complex solutions have been industrialised which foresee complex assemblies, electric welding by wire and placchetta, contemporary supply of various metals, productions in coiling, threading, maschiature, riveting. The incorporation of apparatus and methodologies that with time have been perfected make the productive system extremely versatile and flexible to the needs of the Client.
Quality productions
The close collaboration between the technical design and the production departments allows to harmonisation of constructive technical needs with slimline and optimised solutions, improving the obtainment of productive efficiency indispensable in the modern competitive context. On the other hand the high qualitative content of the productions allows the inclusion of VIRMA among the strategic suppliers of Clients who are leaders in the electrical sector and electromechanical, automotive, household appliance, illumination technology sectors.
A precise plan
Working exclusively on the design of the Client VIRMA chooses to collaborate with varied industrial and applicational sectors and in this way is strategically amplifying its commercial portfoglio. This allows the accumulation of continually new knowledge, also functional, which true to its character VIRMA makes available to and usable by all its Clients.
prevention is better than cure
Virma is equipped with a specialised team dedicated to total Quality Assurance and an equipment area which guarantees the complete monitoring of the entire productive cycle. Using exclusively certified suppliers, that can manage and maintain stable industrial level relations, to cover all aspects of the qualitative safeguards today imposed by the legislation in environment, procedure and tecnical-administrative areas.
Specialized teams
The quality department is made up of a team of highly specialised people with quality gates positioned, where possible, in the immediate proximity of the productive stations, and for the most sophisticted checks, in the quality offices situated directly in the various productive departments.
Full control
Adherence to international procedures and standards allows Virma to have full control of the production chain along all its path, guaranteed by third parties and collaborators. The numerous and sophisticated avantguard instruments of checking (OGP, three-dimensional, traction instruments, X-ray for depth checking) not to mention the widespread diffusion of the normal instruments used by each operator of the machines, create a global quality safeguarding network and immediate interception of possible productive deviations.
A zero waste quality
Quality cost management, data collection to examine in depth the possible associations between the registered deviations and the most recurrent causes of defectiveness are recognised in an analysis system and implementation of continually new checking methods, from a viewpoint of obtaining quality at zero waste and always more focused individuation of areas for improvement, both global and specific.
think clean, act lean

Client service and Client satisfaction are the foundation of the company organisation. The ample space given to logistic services (6 docks), 2,500 square metres of warehouse space, red-area segregated, warehouse for the immediate tracking of materials. The flow of the materials is trackable in each phase. Virma is able to activate innovative logistical solutions (Consignment Stock agreements, Advance Warehouse supplier, just-in-time,…). The extreme dynamism allows an immediate compliance with the needs of the Clients from the perspective of being continually more prompt in making a service efficient and punctual.