The procedure to follow

How virma deals with protecting whistleblowing reports

Virma S.p.A., always attentive to preventing risks that could compromise the responsible and sustainable management of its business, and in line with its mission to monitor critical situations and address them to strengthen trust with stakeholders, has established an online portal for "Whistleblowing" reports. This ensures compliance with regulatory provisions as per Legislative Decree of March 10, 2023, No. 24 on whistleblowing, implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and the Council, concerning "the protection of persons reporting breaches of Union law and laying down provisions regarding the protection of persons reporting violations of national legal provisions.

The term "whistleblowing" refers to the spontaneous disclosure by an individual, known as the "whistleblower," of an offense or irregularity committed within the company, of which they have been a witness in the exercise of their duties. The whistleblower is often an employee who reports through internal channels within the company, but it can also be a third party, such as a supplier or a customer. These tools aim to provide a communication pathway for all those who are aware of offenses or unethical acts that have occurred within the organization.

The main purpose of whistleblowing is, therefore, to address (or, if possible, prevent) issues arising from a management irregularity, enabling the swift and confidential resolution of critical situations.

WhistleBlowing Privacy Policy and Information

What can be reported

  • ● Irregularities and distorted use of discretionary power within public procurement procedures
  • ● Unauthorized access to computer applications (including the use of others' credentials)
  • ● Improper use of measures to protect employees (e.g., illness, guarantees, and protections under Law No. 104 of February 5, 1992, leaves of absence, union permits)
  • ● Irregularities in the recording of office attendance
  • ● Irregularities in the conduct of administrative procedures involving improper use of discretionary power for purely private purposes, in contrast to public interest

What cannot be reported

Any reports of disputes/discriminations among colleagues or dissatisfaction regarding individual work positions.

How to send the report

Virma S.p.A. has set up a "Whistleblowing Reports" access portal for employees, clients, suppliers, and third parties.

The portal ensures the absolute confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity and the content of the report, using secure protocols and encryption tools. The whistleblower's identity is never disclosed without their consent, except in cases specified by current regulations.

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